Leesa Cross-Smith

Sensual details, it’s said, make scenes come alive on the page. Today’s guest Leesa Cross-Smith is a master of the sensual, and you’ll see why when you listen to her interview. A listmaker, a word handler, a Janeite who owns 25 copies of Pride and Prejudice, Cross-Smith helps us think about the sensual and how to bring it to your awareness and to your writing. We touch upon form, too, short and long, and why sensual detail matters so much, no matter what you’re writing.


Leesa Cross-Smith is a homemaker and writer from Kentucky. She is the author of This Close to Okay, So We Can Glow, Whiskey & Ribbons, Every Kiss a War, and the new novel Half-Blown Rose, from Grand Central Publishing. This Close to Okay was a Goodreads Choice 2021 Nominee for Best Fiction, and So We Can Glow was listed as one of NPR’s Best Books of 2020. Discover more about Leesa at leesacrosssmith.com.

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