Ashley Woodfolk

Imagining the life you might have had. Assessing mistakes you undoubtedly made. Voicing the truth about your true feelings and desires. All terrifying, and all fodder for good storytelling. This week’s episode goes right to the heart of all that with guest Ashley Woodfolk, whose most recent book, Nothing Burns As Bright As You, is an exploration in verse of what might have been had she realized at an earlier age that she was gay. An interesting thought experiment for any writer to consider—whatever your what-if, Sliding Doors (you can catch it on Netflix) moment might have been.


Ashley Woodfolk has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She graduated from Rutgers University and worked in children’s book publishing for over a decade. Now a full-time mom and writer, Ashley’s books include The Beauty That Remains, When You Were Everything, Blackout and the Flyy Girls Series, and most recently, Nothing Burns As Bright As You. She lives in a sunny Brooklyn apartment with her cute husband, her cuter dog, and the cutest baby in the world.

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