Craft-minded series: Writing “Imaginative Fiction,” featuring Jeff VanderMeer

Oct 3, 2022

Jeff Vandermeer

As we continue on with our Craft-minded series, Write-minded is honored to have Jeff VanderMeer speaking about imagination and how to mine the depths of your imagination to make yourself a better writer. Jeff’s classic craft book, Wonderbook, is written for the “imaginative fiction writer” rather than the “realistic fiction writer,” so we’re taking a dive into imagination, into creativity. This is an episode about keeping an open mind and having fun, which is the kind of energy anyone who’s going into NaNoWriMo next month needs to cultivate. So come on the journey with us. We have your supplies all ready for you!


Jeff VanderMeer is a three-time World Fantasy Award winner and fourteen-time finalist. He has also won the Shirley Jackson Award and Nebula Awards, as well as been a finalist for the Hugo and Philip K. Dick Awards. His novels include the NYT bestselling Southern Reach trilogy (Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance). He’s also the author of the class craft book, Wonderbook, which was recently reissued in 2020.

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