Paula McLain

Our conversation with Paula McLain is deep and intimate and doesn’t shy away from a few dark turns. We talk about how trauma is often a driving force, even inspiration, in our writing and our purpose; about writing as a feminist act; about intuitive writing . . . and so much more. Paula’s generosity in sharing her personal story and obstacles she’s faced is its own inspiration in this week’s show, and we get to hear firsthand some of what drew Paula to write her just-out novel, When the Stars Go Dark.


Paula McLain is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels, The Paris Wife, Circling the Sun, and Love and Ruin. She’s also written two books of poetry and a memoir about growing up in the foster care system. She received her MFA in poetry from the University of Michigan. She’s the recipient of many prizes and her writing is widely published—and there are lots of gems to be found on her website, Her newest novel, just out, is When the Stars Go Dark.

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