Jennie Nash

This week we’re looking at book coaching—who might need one, why you might want one, or maybe you even want to become one. Guest Jennie Nash has resources and answers for anyone in this space because she trains book coaches through her Author Accelerator program, and has an incredible stable of coaches that authors can work with. So much good food for thought this week! Also, in today’s book trend on hybrid publishing, we mentioned Jane Friedman’s recent article, “IMHO: A Nuanced Look at Hybrid Publishers,” which you can find here.


Jennie Nash is the creator of the book coach certification program at Author Accelerator and has taught hundreds of book coaches and thousands of writers how to use the Blueprint for a Book system to help them produce their best work in the most efficient way. She is the author of Blueprint for a Book: Build Your Novel from the Inside Out; Read Books All Day and Get Paid for It: The Business of Book Coaching; and eight other books.

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