NaNo Prep: The Power of Believing in Yourself as a Writer, featuring Jasmine Guillory

Oct 29, 2018

Jasmine Guillory

Today’s episode is for anyone who struggles to call her or himself a writer—whether it’s because you have such a strong professional identity that it’s hard to try on a secondary one, or maybe because you came to writing later in life, or, like Brooke shares is true for her, you might feel you need to qualify your experience somehow. Guest Jasmine Guillory shares her own struggles to claim the label—and gets us inspired for NaNoWriMo on the immediate horizon with encouraging words about her approach to preparation—and getting tons of words on the page.


Jasmine Guillory is the author of The Wedding Date and The Proposal. Her work has also appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, The Toast, Slate, Catapult, and Real Simple magazine. She lives in Oakland, California and you can find her online at and on Twitter @thebestjasmine.

NaNo Prep Action: Yell It Out Loud: I Am a Writer!

Today’s action is a simple o get you in the right mindset. Using her 7-year-old son’s speech therapy insights as an analogy for how it can help to voice things out loud to make a change, Brooke encourages all of you to say out loud: “I am a writer.” You can do this in your home, on social media, or out in public. Tell a friend: I am a writer. Try it on a stranger. Yes, it might feel awkward, but it’s good to see what comes up. What happens after you say this out loud? Then throughout the month of November, while you’re toiling away at your word count goals, look at what you’re doing! You are writing. And writing makes you a writer.

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