Nancy Davis Kho

This week’s episode is a celebration of persistence, with author Nancy Davis Kho sharing her long journey to publication, how she grew and cultivated her author platform, and her process of writing and shopping work along the way. This episode is for all the authors out there who are feeling the slog toward publication. It’s hard work, but the payoff is worth it. We hope this week’s show and theme will support you to honor and celebrate your own persistence. Write on!


Nancy Davis Kho is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, US Magazine, The Rumpus, and The Toast. She’s been recognized as a Voice of the Year in the Humor Category by BlogHer and was the inaugural champion of Oakland’s Literary Death Match. She covers “the years between being hip and breaking one” at and on the Midlife Mixtape Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms. Nancy’s book THE THANK-YOU PROJECT: Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time was published by Running Press in December 2019. More at

The Takeaway: Write Your Own Thank-You Letter

Before you do this, I recommend reading Nancy’s book, The Thank-You Project. It’s the kind of book you can dip into almost anywhere, and she has examples of her own letters, things to think about before you set out to write your letter, and examples of the kinds of people in your life you might write letters to. The whole thing is so moving, and doing this exercise does something else—it helps remind you of what you’re grateful for and why, and it just cultivates general gratitude, which is amazing and good for the soul and the heart and the body and the brain. The letter doesn’t have to be long, but for the purposes of what we’re doing on Write-Minded, maybe consider narrowing down the parameters to write to someone who’s supported you on your writing journey, or even consider writing a thank-you letter to your own book. These exercises are incredible for what they reveal—things you know but likely haven’t spoken aloud. Doing this kind of writing also locks in meaning, and meaning drives purpose, and purpose drives productivity. So do yourself this small favor, and brighten someone else’s life too. It’s a double-whammy of goodness.

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