The Literature of Longing, featuring Madelaine Lucas

Mar 27, 2023

Madelaine Lucas

Longing is a subject, topic, theme, and obsession of countless stories that have shaped our literary landscape. Grant and Brooke take a good hard look at longing this week and hold it up against its companion emotion, desire, and consider some of the most enduring narratives of longing we know. Guest Madelaine Lucas shares her take on the prism of longing that shines through her debut novel, Thirst for Salt, and opens up this conversation for all of us to consider how the ache of longing may inform our stories and our characters.


Madelaine Lucas is the author of the debut novel, Thirst for Salt, and a senior editor of NOON. She was raised in Melbourne and Sydney and moved to New York to complete her MFA in fiction at Columbia University, where she now teaches in the undergraduate and graduate writing programs. Her essays and interviews have appeared in The Paris Review Daily, The Believer, Literary Hub, and elsewhere, and she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her dog, Pancho.

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