The Difficult Balance of Writing and Self-Care, featuring Charlie Jane Anders

Oct 11, 2021

Charlie Jane Anders

How can we practice self-care, stay open and vulnerable, and have enough discernment to know how much to keep pushing ourselves creatively when we feel depleted? This episode is a show for our times, as we tackle with guest Charlie Jane Anders all the ways that global and personal crises challenge our creative and writing lives. We recommend you check out Charlie Jane’s talk on YouTube, Never Say You Can’t Survive, which inspired the book.


Charlie Jane Anders is the author of Victories Greater Than Death, the first book in a new young-adult trilogy, which came out in April 2021. Her other books include The City in the Middle of the Night and All the Birds in the Sky. Her fiction and journalism have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Slate, McSweeney’s,, and Tin House, among others. With Annalee Newitz, she co-hosts the podcast Our Opinions Are Correct. And … she just published Never Say You Can’t Survive, a book about how to use creative writing to get through hard times.

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