The Best Way to Learn to Write a Novel? Write It!, featuring Kayvion Lewis

Oct 2, 2023

Kayvion Lewis

One month out from National Novel Writing Month, this episode hopes to inspire listeners around the truism that the very best way to write a novel is simply to try it. NaNoWriMo encourages that effort, outcome irrelevant. Take heed from guest Kayvion Lewis who suggests in this episode to write the thing that sets your heart on fire. Also, as promised in today’s Book Trend, we encourage you to check out Dave Chesson’s video on Amazon’s recent category changes which can be searched on YouTube: “INSANE Amazon Category Change.”


Kayvion Lewis is a young adult author of all things escapist and high-octane. She just published the very thrilling and high-octane novel, Thieves Gambit. She’s a former youth services librarian, and she’s been working with young readers and kidlit since she was sixteen. When she’s not writing, she’s breaking out of escape rooms, jumping out of airplanes, and occasionally running away to mountain retreats to study kung fu. Though she’s originally from Louisiana, and often visits her family in The Bahamas, these days you can find her in New York—at least until she takes off on her next adventure.

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