Mateo Askaripour

What is the line between recklessness and self-confidence? This is the core question Grant and Brooke are exploring in this week’s episode. They’re joined by guest Mateo Askaripour, who certainly has experience with both—and who speaks to what’s to be gained by risking it all, and the reality that even the most confident of writers can and will lose faith along the way. Plunge in with us as we explore this topic of writing with abandon, writing with longing, whether to wade in, or whether to plunge—and remember that there’s always more than one right way to write.


Mateo Askaripour’s work aims to empower people of color to seize opportunities for advancement, no matter the obstacle. He was a 2018 Rhode Island Writers Colony writer-in-residence, and his writing has appeared in Entrepreneur, Lit Hub, Catapult, The Rumpus, Medium, and elsewhere. He lives in Brooklyn. His debut novel, Black Buck, is just out this month, January 2021.

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