Courtney Maum

It’s back to school—in the weirdest possible iteration we’ve ever known, but still . . . And it’s in the back-to-school spirit that Brooke, Grant, and guest Courtney Maum talk about how to get published and how to stay published, the topic of Courtney’s latest book, Before and After the Book Deal. We’re covering good author etiquette, why you should never feel too confident about your own work, and how writers are—and are not writing—through the pandemic. This is our final episode of Year 2, so a big shout out to our listeners this week, too. Thank you.


Courtney Maum is the acclaimed author of the novels Costalegre, Touch, and I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, and the recently released Before and After the Book Deal. Her nonfiction has been widely published in outlets such as The New York Times and O the Oprah Magazine and you can sign up for her publishing tips newsletter at

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