Pushing Boundaries in Book Publishing, featuring Joe Biel

May 8, 2023

Joe Biel

Resist, push back, go your own way! These are themes of today’s show as we talk about book publishing with a publisher, Joe Biel, who’s doing things a lot differently from your average indie publisher. Biel shares why Microcosm Publishing stopped selling on Amazon and why that’s not as scary as it may sound. Microcosm was a few years ahead of its time, and now the world is catching up in time for Biel to revel in its well-earned success. For this episode, we invite listeners to check Microcosm’s software to support other publishers to accomplish what they have at WorkingLit.com, and also to purchase How to Resist Amazon and Why here.


Joe Biel is a self-made autistic publisher and filmmaker who draws origins, inspiration, and methods from punk rock. Biel is the founder and CEO of Microcosm Publishing, Publishers Weekly’s #1 fastest growing publisher of 2022. Biel has been featured in Time Magazine, NPR, Publishers Weekly, Art of Autism, Reading Glasses, PBS, Bulletproof Radio, and elsewhere. Biel is the author of many books and the director of five feature films and hundreds of short films. Joe lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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