Publicity Isn’t Rocket Science, but It’s Dang Hard, featuring Fauzia Burke

Nov 2, 2020

Fauzia Burke

Authors and aspiring authors alike won’t want to miss this week’s episode about all the things authors are expected to do that have nothing to do with writing the book. Fauzia Burke is one of the most upbeat and positive publicists we know, and she breaks down the real value of publicity, what are some of the things authors can do on their own, and why reviews matter. Don’t miss this one, and archive it for future reference.


Fauzia Burke, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors, is the founder and president of FSB Associates, an online book publicity firm, co-founder of Pub-Site, a platform for building author websites, and a consultant and coach for authors who need help navigating the book marketing and publicity landscape. Before starting FSB, she worked for Henry Holt and John Wiley. Fauzia has promoted books by authors such as Alan Alda, Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, Melissa Francis, S. C. Gwynne, Mika Brzezinski, Charles Spencer, and many others. Find Fauzia at

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