Betsy Graziani Fasbinder

Join Brooke and Grant as they recall some of their early public speaking moments—when Grant remembers being a brash, bold teenager who’d say anything and Brooke recalls forgetting her lines in a Christmas play and saying “oh shit” in front of her entire church congregation. More important to writers in this episode, however, are guest Betsy Graziani Fasbinder’s helpful ideas and encouraging words around public speaking. We’ll explore why all writers should give themselves the gift of public speaking training and how public speaking is really just another way to share your story. For this episode, please also check out Brooke’s blog post about preparing for her TEDx talk, which she references in the episode and promised to share.


Betsy Graziani Fasbinder is a genre-jumping author who’s written a novel, Fire & Water, a memoir, Filling Her Shoes, and most recently an inspirational how-to book, From Page To Stage: Inspiration, Tools, and Simple Public Speaking Tips for Writers, which was designed to help writers overcome their fears and bad habits to speak with clarity and passion about their written work and their ideas before, during, and after publication. Betsy is an author, public speaking coach, and writing coach. You can find her online at

Writing Action: Make a List of Things You Could Talk about for Hours

One way to know you’re passionate about something is to consider whether you could talk about it for an hour. What’s a topic you’d love to engage with friends? What do you know a lot about? Make a list of topics you care about, things you feel you have knowledge, authority, or expertise in. Let this be a list that you continue to add to—and that someday might turn into a list that you share on your website as soon as you’re ready to publicly declare that you are a public speaker.

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