Bridget Quinn

In this week’s episode, Grant and Brooke share their worst moments of procrastination, and both come to the awareness that they probably are productive procrastinators. This week’s guest, Bridget Quinn, has some important insights into this topic, too, and shares about how she sold three books in five years after the devastating rejection of her memoir, and how keeping lots of irons in the fire is an effective strategy for writing success.


Bridget Quinn is author of the forthcoming book She Votes: How U.S. Women Won Suffrage, and What Happened Next—illustrated by 100 women artists in honor of the centenary of the 19th Amendment—and the award-winning Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order). A graduate of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts and a regular contributor to online arts magazine Hyperallergic, she’s a nationally sought-after speaker on women and art. Bridget lives in San Francisco with her family.


Do some introspection about your own procrastination. Think about how you procrastinate. What are the emotions that cause you to procrastinate? Is your procrastination something that hinders you from accomplishing your goals? How can you come up with a strategy or a mindset to deal with it?

As part of that, we all need to forgive ourselves for procrastinating from time to time, because there are just some unpleasant things to do in our busy lives, and sometimes we really do need a break.

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