Lee Kravetz

The idea that creativity and “madness” are connected has been around since humanity’s earliest days. As such, this notion of “suffering artists” often gets idealized, even romanticized. Psychotherapist and author Lee Kravetz shares his take on the correlation between mental illness and creativity in this week’s episode, in the context of his new book, The Last Confessions of Sylvia P., that explores the life of Sylvia Plath. Listen in to hear about the inspiration behind the novel, how he thought about mental illness in the book given the strides we’ve made since the 1950s in this arena, and much more. Also, today’s book trends include some upcoming PitchFests to check out online: APR 01 #CookiePitch; APR 14 #LGBTNPit; MAY 05 #APIPit; MAY #PitDark; JUN 23 #PitchDis; AUG #DVpit


Lee Kravetz is the author of the novel The Last Confessions of Sylvia P., as well as acclaimed nonfiction, Strange Contagion and SuperSurvivors. He has written for print and television, including The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Psychology Today, The Daily Beast, The San Francisco Chronicle, and PBS.

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