One Sentence Leads to a Second Sentence: Pushing Through the Muddy Middle of NaNoWriMo, featuring Grant Faulkner and Brooke Warner

Nov 13, 2023

Grant Faulkner and Brooke Warner

Pep Talk alert! Whether you’re writing a ton or writing a-none, this week’s episode is geared toward writers who are feeling the strain of the Muddy Middle. Grant and Brooke talk about strategies for staying on track and offer up encouragement for ways to keep with it—including how to break the wall. Brooke’s references to Esther Perel’s podcast episode, “Breaking News Is Breaking Us,” can be found here.


Grant and Brooke are writer-authors and heads of writing communities, but most relevant to this week’s show, they’re the cohosts of Write-minded, and they’re both in the Muddy Middle of NaNoWriMo this week.

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