On Creating New Forms in Fiction and Following What’s True, featuring Rachel Cusk

Jun 24, 2019

Rachel Cusk

This week’s special episode is an interview between Write-Minded host Brooke Warner and the writer Rachel Cusk, who’s been hailed for “reinventing” the novel. Brooke asks Rachel about form, and how she approached this reinvention, whether she could have done it without the insights she had through writing her memoir, and what it means to call oneself—or be called—a feminist, or “post-feminist,” writer. In this clear-eyed and thought-provoking interview, Rachel gives insight into why she thought the novel needed to be re-thought in the first place, and why the pursuit of truth lies at the heart of everything she writes.


Rachel Cusk was born in Canada in 1967 and spent much of her childhood in Los Angeles before finishing her education at a convent school in England. She read English at New College, Oxford, and has traveled extensively in Spain and Central America. She’s the author of ten novels and three memoirs. In 2003, Rachel Cusk was nominated by Granta magazine as one of 20 Best of Young British Novelists. Her newest series of novels, the Outline trilogy, is comprised of three interconnected books, Outline, Transit, and Kudos.

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