Nicole Glover

If you can’t imagine throwing what you write away, or god forbid, starting over, this episode lends insight into how that’s an important consideration at times—and how to be discerning about your work. Guest Nicole Glover offers some amazing tips for writers, generally, and also shares her process of cannibalizing her own work, which every writer should be doing, since you never know when something you wrote that had to go in the dump file might find a perfect place in some future story. A fun episode about the trials of hoarding, dumping, reworking, starting over, and all the ways we feel about our written words.


Nicole Glover works as a UX researcher in Virginia. She believes libraries are magical places and problems seem smaller with a cup of tea in hand. Her life outside of books include bicycles, video games, and baking the perfect banana bread. The Conductors is her debut novel, but she’s got more novels in the works.

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