Quentin Lee

In this week’s episode, Grant and Brooke probe at questions of moral ambiguity with guest Quentin Lee, whose new book, The Secret Diary of Edward Ng, is a sexual coming of age story set in the 1990s. Centering queerness and the Asian and Asian American experience, this work of short fiction is a meditation on otherness, and raises lots of good conversation about auto-fiction, what and how we explore with our fiction, and why staying true to the stories you want to tell is always better than writing to the market.


Quentin Lee was born in Hong Kong. He immigrated to Canada and then the U.S. where he attended University of California at Berkeley and Yale University for his B.A. and M.A. in English. He also attended UCLA for his M.F.A. in Film Production. His feature films and television works are available on streaming worldwide. His debut novel is The Secret Diary of Edward Ng.

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