Making Art from Your Life, featuring Jeannine Ouellette

Feb 6, 2023

Jeannine Ouellette

This week Brooke and Grant are in thoughtful, deep conversation with Jeannine Ouellette about craft—ranging from exteriority, tense, point of view, aboutness, and time control. This episode touches upon observing others’ work to inform your own—and we encourage all listeners to read Jeannine’s recent post that’s mentioned a few times in this week’s show: “Eleven Urgent and Possibly Helpful Things I’ve Learned From Reading Thousands of Manuscripts.”


Jeannine Ouellette is the author of the memoir The Part That Burns, the children’s book Mama Moon, and several educational titles. Her stories and essays have appeared widely and she’s the recipient of multiple awards and prizes, including two recent Pushcart nominations. Jeannine teaches creative writing with the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, and is the founder and director of Elephant Rock, an independent creative writing program in Minneapolis. She earned her MFA in fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is working on her first novel.

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