John August

For anyone who’s ever thought that artists are simply divinely inspired and you’ve either got it or you don’t, this week’s episode about hard work, putting in the hours, and how to be productive in a sane and relatively healthy way should inspire some thinking about the nature of busyness. Grant and Brooke talk with John August, one of the busiest artists they know, about screenwriting, choosing the best medium for a new project, and work ethic.


John August’s screenwriting credits include Go, Big Fish, Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and both Charlie’s Angels movies. His feature directing debut, The Nines, premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. He also wrote the book for the Broadway musical version of Big Fish. His books include Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire and Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon. His company, Quote-Unquote Apps, makes apps of interest to screenwriters, including Highland 2 and Weekend Read. John also co-hosts the weekly Scriptnotes podcast, and maintains two websites aimed at budding screenwriters. Discover more at and

Writing Action: Take Advantage of the Nooks and Crannies of Time

Try any or all of the following for a week and see what happens:

  • Write for 15 minutes when you wake up
  • Write for 5-10 minutes in your car before going into work
  • Write for 5-10 minutes at lunch
  • Write for 15 minutes before bed

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