Dan Blank

So many writers and authors are feeling inspired to create during our national lockdown, and at the same time there’s concern and angst about how to share creativity, how to launch a book in the era of COVID-19, how to market without seeming tone deaf. Today’s episode, with guest Dan Blank, is an invitation to reframe the conversation you might be having with yourself about sharing your work. We hope you’ll appreciate this game-changing conversation about generosity, authenticity, and how to be heart-centered in how you share, engage, and promote.


Dan Blank is the founder of WeGrowMedia, where he helps writers develop their author platforms, connect with readers, and launch their books. He is the author of the book Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience. He has worked with thousands of writers, and amazing organizations who support creative people such as Penguin Random House, Sesame Workshop, Hachette Book Group, Workman Publishing, J. Walter Thompson, Abrams Books, Writers House, The Kenyon Review, Writer’s Digest, Library Journal, and many others. You can find Dan on his blog at WeGrowMedia.com or on Twitter and Instagram at @DanBlank.

Takeaway: Practice Sharing with Authenticity

What are things that you have to share that you really care about? What matters to you? What are things that you would share about without reservation? What are the stories and links and ideas and messages that you gravitate toward, that you share on social media? When you share things you truly care about, that you’re proud of, those things land with others in a contagious way. It’s all about how we share—with authenticity and a desire for connection. So pay attention to what you share, why you share, and what most resonates with others—online and off. Tune your antenna to what matters to you, and if you have a fraught relationship with sharing, like you beat yourself up, or you angst over putting your words into the world, be gentle with yourself. Be mindful. Gauge the authenticity of what you’re sharing. Ask yourself if it’s something you care about. If the answer is yes, do it, and allow for the process to become easier and less fraught over time.

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