Elizabeth Gilbert

In this week’s episode, Brooke and Grant are joined by best-selling author and inspiring human Elizabeth Gilbert in a conversation about the paradigm shift happening around women’s power, specifically when it comes to women writers and women’s stories, as well as how Liz handles criticism by not going looking for it, and why she’s so fiercely loyal to her readership. This episode is a celebration of inspiration on a show that’s all about inspiration—and we hope it will help our listeners capture a bit of their own during a time when so many of us need it more than ever.


In her critically acclaimed novels and her popular nonfiction, Elizabeth Gilbert expands our understanding of creativity, spirituality, and love. Her memoir, Eat Pray Love, exploded onto the scene in 2006. A #1 New York Times bestseller, Eat Pray Love has sold over 13 million copies. In her nonfiction treatise, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Gilbert unpacks her own generative process and shares her wise, witty insights into the mysteries of curiosity and inspiration. Her newest bestseller is the novel, City of Girls, a fiercely feminist story of a young woman coming into her own in the theater world of 1940s New York. City of Girls is Gilbert’s third novel and eighth book.

Takeaway: Take an Inspiration Inventory

Too often we don’t take the time to consider what inspires us because we’re moving too fast, putting one foot in front of the other. This exercise is to catalogue your inspirations. Here are the prompts to start your inventory:

  1. What inspires you?
  2. Who are two or three people who inspire you?
  3. What’s the thing that’s most inspired you in the past year?

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