Executing Funny in Memoir with One of the Most Celebrated Cartoonists of Our Time, featuring David Sipress

Jul 11, 2022

David Sipress

Do you have to be a comedian or a humorist to execute funny in memoir? We don’t think so—and this episode tackles how humor shows up in the everyday, in universal experiences, and through the journey of looking inward. Guest David Sipress, whose New Yorker cartoons are recognizable worldwide, talks about his own insecurities in approaching memoir and how he worked through them, how he mines for funny, and shares with us some insight about his cartoonist brain. You’re in for a treat—and Grant is holding out for a cartoon portrait to arrive in his mail any day now.


David Sipress’s first cartoon appeared in The New Yorker in 1998. During the 2012 Presidential election, he was newyorker.com’s first daily cartoonist. His work has appeared in the Boston Phoenix, Time, Parade, Playboy, Funny Times, the Washington Post, Harper’s, Gastronomica, and Shambhala Sun. Sipress has lectured on the art of the cartoon, has contributed both fiction and nonfiction to The New Yorker, and is the author of the new memoir, What’s So Funny?

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