Michael Mejia

In this heart-centered episode about poetry and the ways in which we touch each other through our words, guest Michael Mejia invites us to choose love over fear. In a wide-ranging conversation about how his brain injury set him free from writers’ block, to how he trusts the voice of poetry more than he trusts himself, this episode is a treat and a deep dive into the heart of what matters. We hope you’ll follow these links to watch two of Michael’s YouTube poetry videos here: “The Light of the Star” and “The Monarch.”


Michael Mejia is a poet. After suffering a brain injury, Michael’s perception of reality was drastically altered. Along with perceiving the external world from a deeper dimension of heart centeredness; nearly a decade of writers block lifted. Michael credits both the brain injury, and coming out as a homosexual, as the two greatest teachers, and catalysts for crossing a threshold to the arms of an infinite holding. Find Michael on Facebook @PoetryofMichael and on Instagram @thepoetryofmichael.

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