Challenging Your Perspective on the Journey to Getting Published, featuring Bella Mahaya Carter

Nov 22, 2021

Bella Mahaya Carter

This week’s episode is for anyone seeking that elusive thing called peace of mind when it comes to the writing, publishing, or promotion part of getting a book out into the world. Inspirational and straight-talking, guest Bella Mahaya Carter shares how she learned to let go of what she thought she wanted from traditional publishing to spread her wings as an author who’s writing and publishing on her own terms, and with peace of mind. A perfect episode to conclude the final days of NaNoWriMo, and as we face the pressures of the holidays and ambitions for 2022. Just breathe.


Bella Mahaya Carter is an author, writing teacher, coach, and speaker who believes in the power of writing to heal and transform lives. She views publishing and book promotion as opportunities to deepen self-awareness, nourish meaningful connections, and delight in peak experiences while being of service. Her new book is Where Do You Hang Your Hammock? Finding Peace of Mind While You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book.

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