Breaking Into Ghostwriting and Work-for-Hire Writing, featuring Aubre Andrus

Feb 12, 2024

Aubre Andrus

Ghostwriting and work-for-hire are great ways to break into the publishing industry and to make a living as a writer. Guest Aubre Andrus shows us a side of the writing and publishing business that can seem a bit elusive. And more and more writers are taking on work for hire projects due to mass media layoffs and greater transparency by celebrities when it comes to writing collaborations. Also, this week’s book trend features Womb House Books, found online here.


Aubre Andrus is the award-winning author and ghostwriter of more than 50 books for kids published by American Girl, National Geographic Kids, Lonely Planet Kids, Disney, Scholastic, and more. Andrus has worked closely with publishers to concept and develop award-winning titles and series for some of the world’s biggest brands and kid celebrities mostly in the nonfiction middle grade space. In 2021, she founded an indie children’s press that debuted with The Look Up Series, a biography series featuring diverse women in STEM careers. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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