Apology and Taking Ownership Over Your Freedom, featuring of Eve Ensler

Jul 22, 2019

Today’s episode is an on-stage interview of Eve Ensler by Write-Minded host Brooke Warner. This interview explores Eve’s newest book, The Apology, in which Eve envisions the apology she wishes her father would have given her before he died for all the abuse and violence he perpetrated upon her when she was young. This interview touches upon how apology can set free survivors of abuse, as well as the impact of real apology on the perpetrator—and we delve into a bit of politics too.


Eve Ensler is a Tony Award winning playwright, a performer, and activist, and an author. The Vagina Monologues, in addition to being translated into over 48 languages, was also performed in over 140 countries and ran in some parts of the world for over ten years. She is the creator of the nonprofit V-Day movement which raises money and educates the public about violence against women and efforts to stop it. In 2012, she started One Billion Rising, a global protest campaign to end violence, and promote justice and gender equality for women. Her most recent book is The Apology.

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