Agent Insights, featuring Lisa Leshne

Sep 4, 2023

Lisa Leshne

Write-minded is kicking off our sixth year this week with an episode focused on the skinny around what agents do, what they’re thinking about, and how to think about working with an agent—all through the lens of our guest, Lisa Leshne of The Leshne Agency. Lisa brings an honest and fresh perspective to the hard work of agenting, how authors want to think about being strategic partners with their would-be agents, and we touch upon some recent publishing news, like the future of AI and the Simon & Schuster buyout.


Lisa Leshne has been in the media and entertainment business for 30+ years. In 1991, she co-founded and served as Publisher of The Prague Post, the largest English-language newspaper in Central Europe. She later held all kinds of media positions in New York, working at Accenture’s Entertainment & Media Group; Dow Jones; and The Wall Street Journal. Prior to founding The Leshne Agency in 2011, Lisa began her career as a literary agent at LJK Literary. She is most passionate about memoir and narrative nonfiction that elevate social justice topics, women’s issues, and underrepresented voices.

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