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The Heroine/Hero’s Journey—The Most Epic of All Storylines, featuring Laura Lentz

Everyone is on a hero or a heroine’s journey. The trick is to see your own journey objectively enough to find your way into and through it, and also to claim your own hero or heroine’s journey as such, which can be difficult if you are still wrestling with which story or stories are yours to tell. In this episode, Brooke and Grant examine this journey from various angles and genres, and delve into the nuances of the journey with their guest, Laura Lentz, whose new workbook on this very topic, Story-Quest, is just out this month. We hope you’ll tune in to see if you might discover new elements of your own epic journey.

How to Be Selfish and Finish What You Start, featuring Claire Dederer

Guest Claire Dederer’s 2017 Paris Review Essay, “What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?” inspired today’s episode about selfishness, and the ways in which we’re often culturally conditioned to feel badly about carving out time for our creative pursuits. Brooke and Grant explore their feelings around selfishness, sharing some of their individual struggles to strike that all-elusive balance, and explore the various ways in which selfishness can be a force for good when it comes to creativity.

Writerly Resolutions

Catch up with co-hosts Brooke and Grant for this special episode focused on Writerly Resolutions. No guest this week, just Brooke and Grant talking about resolutions—what works and what doesn’t, why most resolutions fail, and why you’re actually awesome if you have the same resolutions year after year. This episode includes lots of good resolution ideas for writers, too, including a writing action from each of the hosts.

Following Your Calling, Even When It Comes at a Cost, featuring Jessica Valenti

Many writers write because they have to. Today’s guest, Jessica Valenti, is one of them. Brooke and Grant talk about pursuing passions, your calling, your purpose—even if and when that might come at a cost. While most writers won’t face the kinds of threats Jessica has faced for her outspokenness, most writers are vulnerable to criticism. This episode encourages writers to persevere, and offers inspiration and tips for staying connected to purpose.

Writing and Activism—Where the Pen Meets a Cause, featuring Daisy Hernández

In this episode, Brooke and Grant examine activism and writing, and consider the various ways in which the very act of writing is activism—even if writers might call it something else. Guest Daisy Hernández shares her experience writing and creating in various forms—books, articles, radio spots, and more—and talks about how urgency shapes what she chooses to take on in her own activist writing. Tune in to discover the ways in which you might be an activist without even realizing it.

Crossing Borders, featuring Mitali Perkins

Grant and Brooke explore the many ways in which writers might cross borders—geographically, creatively, in their life experiences. Guest Mitali Perkins speaks to the experience of crossing borders in life and in fiction, and has inspiring words for listeners about following their inner compass when it comes to writing. This episode touches upon how we use our life experience in our writing, the value of being authentic to yourself and your readers, and reading as another vehicle for crossing borders.

Writers Don’t Let Writers Write Alone, featuring Deborah Siegel

Write-Minded is the product of two writing communities coming together to support a podcast for writers about writing—and Deborah Siegel, one of She Writes’ founders, speaks to the power of community and why writers don’t let writers write alone. This episode, the final one in the NaNoWriMo line-up, celebrates community, and Grant, Brooke, and Deborah talk about why writing is better, more productive, and more rewarding when it’s not a solitary pursuit.

NaNo Rebels: A Walk on the Nonfiction Side, featuring Cami Ostman

In this episode, Brooke and Grant honor NaNoWriMo rebels as they botch the NaNo acronym and explore with their guest, Cami Ostman, some of the many ways writers and writing communities come together to have fun and write in November. Brooke talks about being a NaNo Rebel herself as she pushes through her nonfiction book about women and writing, and Grant talks about the NaNo stance on rebels—which is that NaNo welcomes all of you with open arms. After all, it’s all about the writing!

NaNoWriMo Guidance: Getting Through the “Muddy Middle,” featuring Gennifer Albin

The Muddy Middle is inevitable when you’re writing a book—that place all writers get to when the newness of their writing endeavor begins to wane, and the project isn’t feeling so exciting anymore. In this episode Grant commits to trying to make better use of the nooks and crannies of his life, writing even when he has just a ten-minute window, and Brooke confesses that one of her downfalls is needing the conditions to write to be just so. Guest Gennifer Albin, veteran NaNoWriMo writer, has super-helpful tips for getting through the Muddy Middle, and shares how she finds the time and how NaNoWriMo has been a productive and inspiring way to get her writing done.

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