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The Artist and the Destroyer, featuring Brooke Axtell

In today’s episode Brooke and Grant unpack with Brooke Axtell, author of the recently released Beautiful Justice, the ways in which writing can be a salve, an instrument for change, a way to give voice to that which seems unspoken. Brooke Axtell talks about her journey from poetry to prose, her work around gender-based violence, and how writing saved her. A powerful episode to share with anyone who’s looking for the courage to share, to speak up, to be heard.

Breaking the Rules to Serve Your Story, featuring Abigail Thomas

SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | EMAIL DOWNLOAD Brooke and Grant explore with Abigail Thomas her non-linear writing process, and why it’s important to her to throw away the rulebook when she writes. Abigail’s refreshing take on ageing and embracing the...

How to Be a Responsible Creator, featuring Daniel José Older

In today’s episode, Grant and Brooke talk with Daniel José Older about why writing “the other” comes with great responsibility, and how we’re likely to “jack it up,” and also why it’s both simple and not simple. This is an important and nuanced topic in the world of book publishing, with layers of power and privilege that all writers would do well to understand. Older is an eloquent messenger, and he shares with us a few of his favorite fundamentals on writing “the other.”

Favorite Writing Books, featuring Grant Faulkner & Brooke Warner

Today’s episode is a Grant and Brooke exclusive. Join the co-hosts of Write-Minded as they share the books about writing that have most inspired them and why. They’ve chosen classics: Annie Lamott’s Bird by Bird and Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life; popular books by giants in their genres: On Writing, by Stephen King and The Art of Memoir, by Mary Karr; and a couple of their personal favorites: Booklife, by Jeff Vandermeer and The Art of Recklessness, by Dean Young. Tune in for an episode dedicated specifically to the power of books that support writing and the writing life. We’d love to hear from you what your own favorites are and why. Send a tweet to Grant and Brooke @grantfaulkner and @brooke_warner.

The Power of Owning Your Niche, featuring Ryka Aoki

The idea of narrowing the scope of one’s readership can strike fear into the hearts of writers who fantasize about broad readerships, and their writing being for everyone. But there are amazing rewards that come with understanding your niche, and writing to a specific audience. Brooke and Grant speak with their guest Ryka Aoki about niche writing, micro and small presses, and discovering and carving out a path to a defined readership that’s both supportive and career-propelling.

How to Pursue a Traditional Book Deal, featuring Meredith May

Most authors dream of getting traditionally published, but in today’s publishing climate it’s becoming increasingly difficult for authors to get those deals. In today’s episode Brooke and Grant discuss traditional publishing, The Dream, and rejection. Meredith May, a journalist and sixth-generation beekeeper who has a brand-new memoir out, shares her long journey toward traditional publication—including the many drafts, writing the book proposal, and her eventual meeting of hearts and minds with her publisher. And don’t miss this episode for what you’ll learn from Meredith about bees.

The Art of Writing a Series, featuring Darynda Jones

Join Grant and Brooke as they revisit their New Year’s Resolutions (Grant is on track with posting to Medium once a week and Brooke did indeed finish her book, but otherwise anything else promised has long since been forgotten). This is a springboard to a conversation about series—because writing series is all about buckling down, big time! Best-selling author Darynda Jones, who’s just finished Book 13 in her popular Charley Davidson series and has a new series underway, is the perfect guest to talk about how to even approach a series, not to mention how rewarding—and challenging—they are to write.

How to Carve Your Own Creative Path, featuring Leigh Stein

In this week’s episode, Brooke and Grant tackle one of the problematic effects of building an author platform, which is what happens when you start to feel artistically limited, or creatively hemmed in. Many authors can feel like they’re supposed to be the “poster child” for the stories they want to share. Others experience success in a single genre and discover how difficult it is to try to make the leap into another. With her early success and having forged her way through poetry, memoir, and fiction, Leigh Stein, author and co-founder of BinderCon, is the perfect guest to unpack these topics and more.

Young Adult Fiction and Writing the Book You Would Have Wanted to Read, featuring Lilliam Rivera

In today’s episode, Brooke and Grant speak with YA author Lilliam Rivera about writing contemporary YA, the power of finding your own experience in literature, and why you might be drawn to writing the stories you wish had been available to you when you were young. YA as a genre is exploding, and Rivera discusses why she doesn’t hold back when it comes to what she’s willing to explore in fiction—race, family dynamics, violence, and more. Rivera’s drive and passion will inspire any writer who’s felt drawn to write to share a worldview that’s been historically underrepresented.

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