Weekly Inspiration for Writers

Cultural Appropriation in Fiction and Who Gets to Write What, featuring Kirstin Chen

In this episode Brooke and Grant share the definition of cultural appropriation from Amandla Stenberg’s YouTube video, in which she says, “Cultural appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated, but is deemed as high fashion cool or funny when the privilege take it from themselves.”

Bending Genres: Telling Your Story, Your Way, featuring Kwame Alexander

Grant and Brooke discuss unconventional writing, and how and why it’s not particularly embraced by the traditional publishing industry. Their guest, Kwame Alexander, is best-known for his book The Crossover, which is a YA novel in verse that big publishers didn’t think would attract a wide readership. They were wrong. This episode is a celebration of following your heart and embracing the unconventional.

Social Media — Love It or Hate It, featuring Amy Ferris

Brooke and Grant share how they wrangle with social media—and why it’s a friend and a foe. Their guest, Amy Ferris, shares how she’s grown her Facebook following to capacity, garnering hundreds of comments and shares with each post.

Everyone’s a Writer, featuring Mark Nepo

Today’s episode taps into the heart and soul of the Write-minded message (and cornerstone of NaNoWriMo)—that everyone’s story matters. Guest Mark Nepo talks about writing as a birthright, and Brooke and Grant muse over how writing became an elitist endeavor, and why we should challenge that.

Doing It All and Still Writing, featuring Aya de Leon

SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | EMAIL DOWNLOAD How does she do it? All of us have those friends and colleagues who we look at with awe. They seem to be juggling so much, and doing it all! Aya de Leon, our write-minded guest, is one of those writers, and...

Welcome to Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers

SUBSCRIBE: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | EMAIL DOWNLOAD If you sit down and write, you’re a writer. This is just one of the encouraging messages driving the new writing podcast, Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers, hosted by Brooke Warner of SheWrites.com...

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